Basics for Success" with host Daniel Daves.  Dr. Daves will give you kingdom understanding of how to be successful in today's marketplace.  With a biblical world-view he will challenge your thinking and get you out of the dead economy and into a new economy. This informative program will unleash your understanding of ancient biblical business secrets and "kingdom economics".  You can reach Dr. Daves at: or email him at:

"Reflections: The Art of Living Well"  A graduate of University of Central Florida in business administration, Michele Ronsisvalle initially worked with corporations and start-up ventures.  In the mid 90’s she entered the real estate business as a broker.  She has worked with television, radio and hosted programs for 25 years.  She is also a worship leader at a church in Orlando, Florida.  As President/Owner of Neuro Nutritionals, she promotes well being through high quality products for brain health.  You will enjoy her insights and as co-host of her broadcast, “Reflections: The Art of Living Well.”  You can find more information on her web site

at:  You can contact her through her web site

Pat Scimone-Almasy is a top real estate broker with over 30 years experience.  She majors in "staging" homes and is also a certified home decorator. She makes your home say, "buy me" with gusto!  She brings years of sales experience also in senior housing needs, airport housing values and knows how to get top dollar for your home.  You will be pleased with Pat's knowledge and experience. You can find more about Pat on her new web site:  you can contact her at 813 918-3205 or email her at:  Get ready to have a great experience working with her real estate expertise.  Go to Pat's web site at:    

Paul & Linda Pickern founded "All Pro Pastors" an organization that helps churches link with the business community and reach the marketplace for Christ.  Their extensive organization holds pastors luncheons and raises up "Champion Tables" for relationship and accountability.  Four men make up a tabel and meet weekly.  His organization sponsors large events to impact the business community.

Richard Carey is a businessman in Tampa Bay area.  His is an author, speakers and lectures on the kingdom mandate. He believes in the 7 mountains of influence and that they are part of the calling of God for this season for all business people.  He believes that all kingdom businesses are related to the kingdom of God and to be viewed as ministries in the marketplace.

A former business owner, Dennis Peacock is the founder and president of GoStrategic (formerly Strategic Christian Services), a leadership organization dedicated to demonstrating the relevance of Christianity to every area of contemporary life. He has authored four books: On the Destiny of Nations published in 2012, Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men, published in 1987 and 2000, Doing Business God’s Way, published in 1994 and 2003, and The Emperor Has No Clothes published in 2003. He has also recorded numerous audio and video presentations. Dennis and his wife Jan reside in Santa Rosa, California. They have three adult children and 12 grandchildren.

You can find Dennis at: 

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